Do you need to get rid of dirt or grime on a delicate substrate? There are many benefits to using the doff cleaning methods to clean all brickwork, stonework, and other delicate exterior surfaces. As highly experienced exterior cleaning specialists, we can tailor all our cleaning to meet the needs of our clients.

Doff cleaning uses water heated to high temperatures at low pressure, so you can clean and sterilise the surface of the stone, brick and other materials without damaging them. Certain materials like brick are very strong, but over time, they become more brittle and delicate. Therefore, it is best suited to surfaces that cannot withstand other abrasive cleaning methods, such as jet washing.

The many advantages of doff cleaning include:

Gentle cleansing

Doff cleaning methods use heat rather than high pressure to clean wood, brick, stone, ceramic tiles, and other delicate surfaces. This cleaning method reduces the risk of damage to the substrate and is ideal when surfaces are brittle and soft. It is highly effective a removing moss, algae, dirt, rust, and other types of discolouration. Our doff cleaning will never cause damage and marks to surfaces.

Requires no harsh chemicals

No chemicals or biocides are needed during doff cleaning to enhance the effectiveness of the clean. The superheated water vapour (heated up to 150 degrees) will remove paint, oil, moss, lichens, fungi and other organic matter and kill off spores for long-lasting results.

Many commercial building owners choose this method of cleaning because the time between cleans can be extended, making it a more cost-effective choice.

Environmentally friendly

As well as using no chemicals, doff cleaning uses a lot less water than traditional jet washing methods, so it will drastically reduce water and energy consumption. In addition, the cleaned surface will never be saturated so that it will dry quickly, normally within minutes. It is also not very noisy, so it is ideal in built-up areas.

Approved by English Heritage

Doff cleaning systems are approved by English Heritage for cleaning listed buildings and old monuments and facades. This exterior cleaning method will always clean the surface whilst never causing damage to building materials. We can offer top advice and assistance if you are looking for help regarding cleaning.

Can remove all types of dirt

Doff cleaning methods can remove all types of dirt and pollution, including wax coatings, fungi, moss, algae, paint coatings, birds’ mess, graffiti, and more. It can be used in many environments, including private homes, commercial properties, hospitals, factories, swimming pools, and other locations. Our expert technicians will always go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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