Here at Wipeout, we are a family-run team of exterior cleaning specialists with a wealth of experience regarding all aspects of graffiti removal and cleaning.

Our team of specialists – led by Andy – works closely with residential and commercial clients throughout the local areas to tackle and clean all types of graffiti.

Help! I have graffiti on my glass windows – what can I do?

Dealing with graffiti on glass surfaces used to be a straightforward task, but in the past 18 months, a new challenge has emerged. Graffiti artists have adopted an acid-based product that etches the glass, making the graffiti nearly impossible to remove. This product leaves a milky colour on the glass, and upon touch, you can feel the distinct etching.


What is this product?

This type of graffiti involves using acid to etch the glass surface. Hydrofluoric acid, a potent substance, is commonly employed for this purpose due to its strong etching capabilities. Vandalisers typically employ containers like shoe polish bottles or bingo dabbers to hold the acid, applying it to the glass in their chosen pattern, often their signature 'tag.'

The acid leaves a lasting mark on the glass, creating a permanent and visually striking effect. This acid-etched graffiti appears more dramatic and is rapidly applied, contributing to its growing prevalence. This graffiti is sometimes called Acid Etch Graffiti or Acid Etched Graffiti.

What is the best solution?

Unfortunately, if this acid-based product has been used, the only effective solution is to replace the glass. Claims of removal by some companies are inaccurate, leading to wasted expenses.

Attempting to polish out the graffiti is not advisable, as it may thin the glass and potentially impact your insurance coverage. This predicament has become increasingly common for many stores, shops, and offices.

What do we advise?

Here at Wipeout, we believe that honesty is paramount. We believe in saving you from unnecessary expenses by not offering services that we know will not be effective. It is essential to be aware of this new challenge in graffiti removal and avoid spending money on futile attempts to remove it.

Where can we remove graffiti from?

Our team can remove graffiti from all materials, including glass, wood, metal, and brickwork. Our services are entirely mobile, and we are equipped with both power and water resources.

When providing quotes, we consider the distance to your specific site. Additionally, we meticulously assess accessibility factors, considering safety measures and the potential requirement for any specialist equipment. Our commitment is to ensure a comprehensive and tailored approach to meet your graffiti-cleaning needs efficiently and effectively.

To find out more about graffiti removal

The team at Wipeout are graffiti removal experts, and we can advise you regarding all aspects of graffiti removal. We are always happy to offer honest help and advice.

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