Has your patio got black spots or marks that you are struggling to remove?

Our patio and driveway cleaning professionals can ensure that your patio remains clean and spotless, whatever stubborn stains you may have.

Our team of professional exterior cleaners have over three decades of experience in the trade, and we work for residential and commercial customers.

What are black spots caused by?

Black spots on patios are caused by lichen that thrives in damp and shady conditions. As the lichen settles in and matures, it sends tendrils into the pores of the patio seeking out nutrients, thereby spreading across the patio very quickly. Lichen can thrive across many different patio surfaces, including stone and concrete. They are really common, but this does not mean that you should put up with these unsightly marks.

How can you remove black spots?

Various DIY patio cleaners advertise the fact that they can remove black spots. However, it is worth noting that any abrasive DIY jet washing and scrubbing will likely damage your patio, especially if the material is stone. Acid-based cleaning products can also cause an awful reaction in sandstone-based paving products.

Our professional patio cleaners will always use the best and most appropriate cleaning methods to remove lichen and black spots. We use the very latest doff cleaning and soft washing techniques. These cleaning methods will not only remove the black spots but also restore your patio to its original colour. It will also thoroughly sterilise your patio and stop the black spots from returning.

What are rust marks caused by?

Another common mark is rust, which can make your patio look tired and worn down. Rust is caused by iron oxide and occurs due to the porosity of stone paving and the minerals contained within it. When water runs over metal fixtures, fire pits and fittings, such as garden furniture and barbecues, this can cause rust marks.

How to get rid of rust on your patio?

Many people attempt to tackle rust stains themselves, but they can be particularly stubborn, and you risk damaging the patio material during the process. Many cleaners will cause more harm than good.

Our professional team can remove rust from your patio, driveway, or exterior surface. We will choose the most effective way to clean your patio using the latest cleaning technologies. We can use a combination of careful methods to achieve the best results. We can rejuvenate your patio and reveal its original colours. You can be sure that you are in the best hands.

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