Here at Wipeout Ltd, we provide careful non-abrasive cleaning of stone to suit your requirements.

Our stone cleaning services can remove algae, moss, dirt, graffiti, and even chewing gum from all types of masonry. Our experienced operatives have the skill and knowledge needed to complete a fantastic job.

We use the latest doff and steam cleaning systems, which will never damage stone surfaces or structures.

We can provide stone and cleaning services for buildings, walls, statues, pillars, archways, entrances and more and will deliver clean and professional solutions.

Good maintenance will always prolong the lifespan of your stone building or structure. It will help keep the material healthy and ensure it looks polished. We know how to recognise different types of dirt to devise the best cleaning methods and techniques.

The proper cleaning will depend on the type of dirt and the stone, including Portland stone, sandstone, limestone, and manufactured stone. Our stone cleaners can complete stone cleaning quickly and discreetly.

Specialist cleaning

Our specialist stone cleaning goes far beyond regular jet washing and cleaning services. We use carefully formulated doff cleaning method methods to clean your stone surfaces.

Our team has the necessary skills and knowledge to restore and preserve your stone. However, using incorrect cleaning methods can degrade or damage the surface. If you have a stone surface and are unsure how best to clean it, always call the professionals.

All dirt removed

Our doff cleaning and steam cleaning methods are one of the most effective ways to remove organic staining, discolouration, paint, and other dirt. Using super-heated water at high temperatures can effectively remove a host of unwanted substances and sterilise the surface. It is so effective that chemicals are not required, which can be a real benefit. It also clears all spores, so it provides a long-lasting effect.

Prolong the lifespan of the stone

Our soft washing and doff cleaning methods are the most effective way to restore stone surfaces and will increase the value of both residential and commercial properties. Stonework has a beautiful, natural and unique finish. It can last a lifetime and never lose its natural appeal means regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure that your natural stone maintains its durability and value over time.

Period properties

If you have a period property and need a stone surface to be cleaned, doff cleaning, and our cleaning methods are approved by English Heritage. We can clean all types of beautiful listed and heritage buildings effectively and restore them to their former glory. Our cleaning systems are also very mobile, so we can access areas that are hard to reach.

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