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Biohazard cleaning requires an expert approach. Our experienced cleaning technicians can handle all aspects of biohazard cleaning to ensure any area is left safe and hygienic. When a death or trauma occurs, the clean-up afterwards requires a highly skilled and knowledgeable approach.

Here at Wipeout Ltd., we can provide a discreet and sympathetic approach to any situation. We can deep clean and disinfect contaminated areas within homes or commercial premises. Our experienced cleaning technicians use the latest industry-leading technologies and effective techniques. We aim not just to clean the area and remove hazards but to restore the space to how it looked before the event.

Before any work commences, we will always provide a risk assessment and method statement. We can clear up after accidents and deaths and clear all biological hazards, including human and animal excrement, fluids, vomit, urine, sewage overflows, and drug users’ equipment.

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    Deep cleaning and sanitation

    What is biohazard cleaning? In short, a biohazard is when any bodily fluids are involved. Biohazard cleaning is needed in a range of situations and most frequently when a death has occurred. Other situations include squatter cleaning and hoarder cleaning.

    All areas must be cleaned and thoroughly sanitised due to the possibility of viruses such as HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C being transmitted through bodily fluids. This is a risk for anyone exposed to or breathes in biological hazards. For this reason, not only must these be removed, but the whole area must be deep cleaned and thoroughly sanitised.

    Our fully-trained cleaners are fully equipped to handle all these important jobs. Furthermore, all work complies with the Control of Substances Hazardous To Health  (COSHH) Regulations 2002 and The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

    How it works

    Cleaning up after the demise of a person is not something that most people give much thought to, but this is an essential and specialist cleaning service.

    We will approach all cleaning services with respect, care, professionalism, safety, and discretion. We are available to deal with biohazard cleaning 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We work across homes and all commercial premises, including nursing homes, schools, offices, prisons, gyms, and sports facilities. We also work for housing associations and local authorities.

    Typical biohazard cleaning will include the following:

    • The affected areas will be closed off
    • There will be a complete and careful removal of the waste or infectious materials in question from the site
    • This waste will be correctly processed and sent to waste in a licensed hazardous waste incinerator
    • The affected site will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised following industry best practices
    • Specialist cleaning methods will be used to restore the area to its previous setting
    • Once work has been carried out, the whole area will be inspected to ensure there are no remaining biohazard materials

    Our team will always wear personal protective equipment (PPE), and we will always do everything to ensure the safety of our team.

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