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Specialist stone and brick cleaning in Virginia Water

Customised brick and stonework cleaning and restoration services to meet your specific needs in Virginia Water, Sunningdale, Wentworth Estate, or nearby areas

Wipeout Ltd. boasts over thirty years of expertise in brickwork, stonework, and other exterior cleaning.

Our skilled exterior cleaning operatives, led by Andy and his team, can comprehensively clean all types of surfaces, including facades, monuments, pillars, heritage buildings and entrances, employing eco-friendly methods for optimal results while preserving structural integrity.

We work for a range of residential and commercial customers. Whether working for homeowners, conservation groups, or local councils, our meticulous approach ensures excellent cleaning outcomes.

We tailor our techniques to suit diverse materials, utilising DOFF cleaning, soft washing, and other cleaning methods to efficiently eliminate dirt and grime. As a trusted family-operated business, we offer free, no-obligation quotes and maintain full Public Liability Insurance for added peace of mind.

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One recent customer said:

Wipeout reacted quickly to the request for a cost estimate and attended promptly when commissioned. While on-site, they were happy to accommodate for additional requests and as a result, delivered a professional finish to Portland stone steps at a high-end residential property. Happy to recommend and will definitely use Wipeout for other properties we manage.

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Brick cleaning Virginia Water

Customised brickwork cleaning Sunningdale

Are you looking for a reliable brick cleaning service? Wipeout employs cutting-edge methods to eliminate accumulated grime, bird droppings, and other unsightly marks. Post-renovation, stubborn mortar stains often mar brick surfaces, making them challenging to clean.

Environmentally safe brick cleaning

Our environmentally friendly methods safeguard your bricks' structure. They do not contain any harsh chemicals, ensuring the preservation and integrity of the bricks. We clean all bricks with great attention to detail and care.

Paint removal from bricks

We provide various services to restore your property's charm, including brick paint removal. Though initially appealing, Masonry paint can age quickly, concealing the original beauty of brickwork. Our expert removal process unveils stunning brick surfaces, delighting customers with renewed aesthetics.

New build brick cleaning

We work with housing contractors, developers, and homeowners to provide new-build cleaning services. New brickwork accumulates debris like mortar residue, paint, tar, and plaster during construction. Our brick cleaning restores the bricks' colour and appearance, enhancing the property's appeal for sale and ensuring no damage occurs.

Stonework jet washing Virginia Water
Stonework pressure washing Virginia Water

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    Bespoke stonework cleaning in Virginia Water, GU25

    Virginia Water in Surrey boasts luxurious properties set amidst pretty green landscapes. From grand estates to modern villas, our team can clean all types of stone exteriors.

    Expert stone cleaners

    Wipeout employs gentle, non-abrasive methods such as DOFF steam cleaning and soft washing to eradicate organic matter like algae, moss, biofilm, and stubborn dirt and grime. This ensures pristine results and customer satisfaction.

    Excellent stone cleaning results
    Our steam-based stone cleaning equipment is adjustable for precise temperature and pressure, effectively cleansing all stone surfaces. We delicately eliminate stubborn stains and organic matter like fungi, algae, and lichen with high heat and low pressure, ensuring sterilisation and prolonged cleanliness.

    Monument cleaning

    Apart from stone structures, our outdoor cleaning specialists excel in maintaining stone monuments and statues, safeguarding their cultural or historical importance for future generations.

    Graffiti removal in Virginia Water

    Virginia Water driveway and patio cleaning contractors

    Our cleaning services extend to expert patio and driveway cleaning. Whether you are a homeowner wanting to tidy up your driveway or a business aiming to rejuvenate your exterior to make a better impression, we can help.

    Our cleaning will eliminate all organic growth, such as moss, mould, lichen, and persistent stains like fuel spills. Our team uses advanced cleaning systems to ensure thorough cleaning without surface damage. We cater to all driveway types, including resin driveways, providing comprehensive care for your outdoor spaces.

    Please read our blog: How to look after and maintain your resin driveway.

    Our happy customers

    Working with Wipeout made finding a solution to removing the graffiti from multiple places around the site really easy, especially with timing challenges around our operations. Communication was clear as well as costs, and as much as we’re hoping not to use them again, they would be our go-to for further help!

    Shaun Johnson, Borough Market, London

    Wipeout has been providing Engie Services Ltd /The Royal Borough of Kingston a service for graffiti removal, anti-graffiti coatings over the years. We have found Wipeout to be very helpful in all aspects of our works to them, and communications have been great. Their interaction with us has been excellent, and if any issues arise, we are always informed.

    Fran Thomas, Engie Services

    Wipeout help us with all our graffiti removal needs, always exceeding expectation and offering great value for our residents

    Sam Rosebery, Housing Association

    We can remove:

    • Fungi
    • Algae
    • Moss
    • Organic spores
    • Bird droppings
    • Graffiti
    • Grease
    • Oil build-up
    • Chewing gum

    We provide stone, brick and exterior cleaning services to residential estates and commercial properties including:-

    • Chertsey
    • Egham
    • Englefield Green
    • Longcross
    • Staines
    • Sunningdale
    • Thorpe
    • Wentworth


    We’re always honest with our customers about what we can do.

    • Excellent reputation and the quality of work

    • Our fully mobile service is all-inclusive

    • Over 30 years of valuable experience
    • Cleaning across Surrey & London

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