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Specialist brick and stonework cleaning and restoration tailored to your requirements

Brick and stone are attractive cleaning materials that are widely used for residential and commercial buildings throughout Kingston Upon Thames or Teddington. Wipeout offers safe, professional and effective brick and stone cleaning services that are tailored to the needs of our residential and commercial customers, as well as the property’s age characteristics and features.

We use different cleaning techniques, including doff and torc cleaning. With over 35 years of expertise, you can feel confident that you are in safe hands. We always use non-intrusive cleaning methods and take great pride in ensuring that brickwork and stonework are fully restored to their former glory.

As specialist exterior cleaning contractors, we have cleaned a vast variety of buildings, exteriors, and surfaces over the years, gaining considerable knowledge and expertise in gentle cleaning methods to remove all forms of contamination and environmental pollution.

Our exterior cleaning experts will assess the type of material and dirt and use the correct cleaning method to get the right result. We can remove all types of organic matter, including moss, lichen, algae, and fungi. We can also remove paint from brickwork and stonework, along with graffiti.

Kingston Upon Thames is a highly desirable area and has a huge selection of properties. It has a diverse architectural style, including Victorian and Edwardian homes and 1920s and 1930s properties.

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Brickwork cleaning and restoration services near Teddington

Here at Wipeout, we take great pride in offering the highest levels of brick cleaning and brick restoration in Teddington or Kingston Upon Thames. We provide environmentally-safe brick cleaning techniques. We never use corrosive chemicals because they can damage the structural integrity of your bricks. Please see our gallery.

Doff cleaning is a unique cleaning process using water at high temperatures and low pressure. This means our brickwork cleaning contractors can clean brick and stone without excessive pressure or excess water that could damage the material.

New build brick cleaning

We can remove the dust and debris that builds up when a building is being built. This can clean off any cement that has been left behind.

Brick restoration

Our team will always understand the unique characteristics of your property so we can breathe new life into damaged properties.

Paint removal

One of the main reasons for paint removal is to restore a brick exterior to its former glory. We use specialist cleaning systems to remove paint and return a property to its original state.

Remove paint from brick Kingston

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    Stonework cleaning Kingston

    Do you require stonework cleaning and restoration services in Kingston Upon Thames, KT1?

    Our team believes it is essential to maintain any stone façade or exterior in Kingston Upon Thames. Our cleaners can restore any stone building using our expert knowledge and experience. We work with many listed and heritage buildings – read our blog: When is professional stone cleaning required?

    Effective stone cleaning

    We utilise a variety of cleaning systems to achieve the best results for any stone building or stone exterior. The method used will depend on the type of construction and finish required.

    Monuments and statues

    Alongside stone buildings, our exterior cleaners can clean stone monuments and statues. These may have cultural or historical significance, and our cleaning will ensure they stand the test of time.

    Aesthetic appeal

    There are many advantages of stone cleaning, including adding aesthetic appeal. This will maintain kerb appeal and boost the value of your property. Our cleaning also provides building protection and ensures longevity.

    Exterior cleaning Kingston

    Our stonework cleaning contractors can remove graffiti in Kingston Upon Thames

    Our brick and stone cleaners understand that graffiti can be a serious issue in Kingston Upon Thames.

    Whether a small tag or a large-scale mural, removing it as swiftly as possible is important. Our brick and stone cleaners are highly experienced in all graffiti removals.

    We use our experience to identify the substrate and required cleaning methods to ensure that the graffiti is removed and the surface is undamaged.

    Our happy customers

    Working with Wipeout made finding a solution to removing the graffiti from multiple places around the site really easy, especially with timing challenges around our operations. Communication was clear as well as costs, and as much as we’re hoping not to use them again, they would be our go-to for further help!

    Shaun Johnson, Borough Market, London

    Wipeout has been providing Engie Services Ltd /The Royal Borough of Kingston a service for graffiti removal, anti-graffiti coatings over the years. We have found Wipeout to be very helpful in all aspects of our works to them, and communications have been great. Their interaction with us has been excellent, and if any issues arise, we are always informed.

    Fran Thomas, Engie Services

    Wipeout help us with all our graffiti removal needs, always exceeding expectation and offering great value for our residents

    Sam Rosebery, Housing Association

    We can remove:

    • Fungi
    • Algae
    • Moss
    • Organic spores
    • Bird droppings
    • Graffiti
    • Grease
    • Oil build-up
    • Chewing gum

    We provide stone, brick and exterior cleaning services to residential estates including:-

    • Charter Quay


    We’re always honest with our customers about what we can do.

    • Excellent reputation and the quality of work

    • Our fully mobile service is all-inclusive

    • Over 30 years of valuable experience
    • Cleaning across Surrey & London

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