Why did the client need our services?

The client got in touch to enquire about exterior cleaning because the outside of their property, including their driveway, pathways and steps, were dull and unpleasant to look at. In addition, an overgrowth of algae meant the area was slippery and potentially unsafe to walk across.

The clients were considering selling their property, so they wanted to freshen up the look of the outside to boost kerb appeal. However, they did not want to invest in a new driveway, so they decided to have it cleaned.

Here at Wipeout, we have been providing exterior cleaning of all types of surfaces for 30 years and can provide a highly skilled and specialist service. We can clean residential and commercial driveways and exteriors.

What work was carried out?

Resin driveways offer a durable and flexible driveway solution but need to be cleaned with care and attention. Our specialist cleaners cleaned the resin drive with low-pressure and high-heat steam as it is a delicate surface. This provided a highly effective clean without causing damage and transformed the driveway’s appearance, removing all organic growth, staining, and pollutants. This cleaning method also provides long-lasting protection because all moss and algae spores are killed.

The steps and pathways were made of Indian sandstone, and these were cleaned with the same method. We recommended that a sealant be applied because it is a porous surface, and this would provide a protective barrier to extend the life of the steps and pathway and impede the growth of weeds and algae.

Were there any challenges?

The area had not been sealed or cleaned for many years, so it had ground-in dirt. Due to being under a flight path, there were more atmospheric pollutants and discolouration than in a typical average outside area.

The clients worked from home, so there were vehicles in the drive. However, we are flexible in our approach and work around our client’s schedules, so we were able to work with them to find a suitable time for cleaning.

What did the clients think of the results?

The clients were overjoyed at the results. After not being cleaned for so long, they were surprised how the area could be returned to its original look in a super-quick time. Our cleaning also meant the areas were safer to use and walk on.

They said: “Wipeout was an amazing company to deal with. They were professional and courteous throughout and were flexible to our needs. The overall results: I do not have any words! The pictures say it all. Reasonable price – Thank you again, Wipe Out!”

Do you need driveway or exterior cleaning? Call Wipeout

Our skilled cleaning has specialist knowledge and experience in providing all types of exterior cleaning, including driveway cleaning, stonework cleaning, brickwork cleaning, bin cleaning, and more. For further information, please call our team now on 01923 349 303.

Our team provides exterior cleaning across many locations, including brickwork cleaning in Weybridge.

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