If your home or commercial property has been defaced by graffiti, do not panic. Wipeout is a team of graffiti removal specialists with over three decades of experience and can offer free quotations and advice regarding graffiti removals at any time. We provide a specialist and first-class service.

Dealing with graffiti removals quickly is very important because it will minimise long-term damage to your property and reputation. If graffiti is left, it can also encourage further incidents, so ensuring fast removal will reduce costs in the long term.

Never attempt to remove graffiti yourself; rubbing it further into the substrate will likely make it worse. DIY graffiti removal will never save money. It often leads to subpar results and additional damage. This will stop the need for costly repairs or repainting in the future. Our specialist cleaning team uses advanced materials and tools to complete the job to the highest standards.

Size and extent

The size and extent of the graffiti will play a significant part in determining how much it will cost to remove. Smaller graffiti tags will be quicker and easier to remove than graffiti that covers entire walls, for example. Larger graffiti removal projects will take more time and effort, resulting in higher costs.


Different surface materials will require different approaches and cleaning methods. Removing graffiti from a smooth surface like glass or metal is likely to be more straightforward than graffiti removal from brickwork. Our skilled and experienced team will be able to swiftly assess the graffiti to determine the most appropriate removal method. We will execute the job efficiently and to the highest standards.


As a professional cleaning company, we understand the frustration associated with graffiti. We are based in Byfleet and travel throughout Surrey and the nearby areas. We have completed countless graffiti projects throughout the UK.

We are a fully mobile service with power and water, and when quoting, we will consider the distance to your site. We will also look at accessibility assessing safety measures or any specialist equipment that may be needed.

Protective coatings

In addition to our graffiti removal services, we can offer special coatings to protect against graffiti. These create a surface that stops graffiti materials from sticking, forcing vandals to move on. They can be applied to many materials, including wood, metal, concrete and even plastic. If graffiti does occur, it can be more easily removed without causing any damage to the underlying surface.

These coatings will prolong the lifespan of surfaces, reduce maintenance costs, and eliminate the need for constant repairs. If you are interested in this service, we can advise you about the costs and how you can maintain the desired appearance of your surfaces.

To request a quote for graffiti removal, contact us

To find out more about our graffiti removal services or to request a quote, please call 020 3837 3605 or 07974 357 174. Alternatively, please email info@wipeoutuk.co.uk