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Restore your properties in Weybridge, St George’s Hill and Walton-on-Thames with our range of professional exterior cleaning services. Our exterior cleaning company provides all types of cleaning, including specialist brickwork, stonework, and masonry cleaning in Surrey. We use tried and tested cleaning techniques, such as soft washing and doff cleaning, to deliver fantastic results.

From brick facades to stone monuments, we can remove all organic and environmental pollutants. This includes algae, moss, fungi, grease, bird droppings, and oil. We can even remove paint and graffiti.

When it comes to maintaining or restoring certain surfaces, it is essential that you employ professional cleaners who use the right equipment. We are a family-run cleaning business with over three decades of experience. We can clean all hard surfaces, such as driveways and patios, along with more delicate surfaces.

In each project we tackle, we tailor the cleaning methods according to the surface and dirt we need to remove. For example, using pressure washers on delicate stone and brick is only going to cause damage to the substrate. So instead, we use more gentle doff cleaning.

Weybridge has many types of properties. There are many 16th century, 17th century and Victorian homes. Please call our experts if you have an older building or façade that needs to be cleaned or restored.

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Do you need expert brickwork services in Walton-on-Thames?

Our cleaning experts can clean all types of brickwork in Walton-on-Thames. Every brick building will become dirty over time due to the build-up of grime and dirt. In addition, moss and algae can quickly spread across brickwork and cause discolouration.

We use the latest doff cleaning methods to remove paint and biological matter whilst never causing damage to the substrate.

Our cleaning uses high-temperature steam, the pressure on the surface is very gentle, and the volume of water is low. This means that the surface will never be saturated and can dry quickly. It also kills off spores and removes all moss, algae, and other biological matter.

Our expertise means we can offer a practical and comprehensive exterior cleaning service at an affordable price. We take health and safety very seriously and complete risk assessments for all projects. We can clean brickwork and stonework at height.

Paint removal from brick Weybridge

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    Stone cleaning Weybridge

    Do you require stonework cleaning services in Weybridge, KT11?

    Over time all stonework surfaces in Weybridge will gather grime and organic pollution. If you are looking for specialist stonework cleaning, our exterior cleaners can help.

    Our team will rejuvenate and restore your stone building, monument, or façade so it returns to its original colours. We will always vary the temperature and pressure of the cleaning to optimise results. As experts in stone cleaning, our operatives understand the complexities of these jobs.

    We work with many historic sites and listed buildings, and we do not even require a water supply.

    Read our blog: The benefits of doff cleaning.

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    Paint removal from bricks in Weybridge

    Brick and stone cleaning Weybridge

    We specialise in brick cleaning and removing paint from bricks in Weybridge. Removing paint is a common request. Many people wish to return brick or stone to its original beauty and redecorate it in another way.

    Our cleaners can remove paint quickly and safely whilst never causing any damage to your brickwork or stonework. Brick or stone cleaning might seem like a simple job, but many things can go wrong, and we would always advise calling in the professionals.

    Specialist brick and stonework restoration in Weybridge

    Graffiti removal in Weybridge

    Our specialist brick and stone cleaners in Weybridge can repair and restore all types of brickwork and stonework. Harsh weather and pollution can take their toll on surfaces and cause aesthetic and structural damage.

    Our team can help to improve the appearance of stained and dirty brickwork. Our services will also extend their lifespan.


    Our happy customers

    Working with Wipeout made finding a solution to removing the graffiti from multiple places around the site really easy, especially with timing challenges around our operations. Communication was clear as well as costs, and as much as we’re hoping not to use them again, they would be our go-to for further help!

    Shaun Johnson, Borough Market, London

    Wipeout has been providing Engie Services Ltd /The Royal Borough of Kingston a service for graffiti removal, anti-graffiti coatings over the years. We have found Wipeout to be very helpful in all aspects of our works to them, and communications have been great. Their interaction with us has been excellent, and if any issues arise, we are always informed.

    Fran Thomas, Engie Services

    Wipeout help us with all our graffiti removal needs, always exceeding expectation and offering great value for our residents

    Sam Rosebery, Housing Association

    We can remove:

    • Fungi
    • Algae
    • Moss
    • Organic spores
    • Bird droppings
    • Graffiti
    • Grease
    • Oil build-up
    • Chewing gum

    We provide exterior cleaning services to residential estates including:-

    • Crown Estate
    • St George’s Hill
    • Burwood Park
    • Ashley Park
    • Weybridge Park


    We’re always honest with our customers about what we can do.

    • Excellent reputation and the quality of work

    • Our fully mobile service is all-inclusive

    • Over 30 years of valuable experience
    • Cleaning across Surrey & London

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