Here at Wipeout Ltd, we understand that bin cleaning is one of the least appealing sides of commercial property management. However, this does not mean it is less important than other parts of running your business or commercial organisation.

Wipeout Ltd is a family-run exterior cleaning business, with over three decades of experience in cleaning all types of exteriors, from driveways and patios to brickwork and stone facades. Bin cleaning forms a large part of our work and ensures that businesses keep their exteriors clean and healthy inside and outside.

We know that all businesses are unique, and we can tailor our commercial bin cleaning services to meet your needs. Here are the top reasons for bin cleaning:

1.      Stop pest infestations

Dirty bins are a common cause of pest infestations, and it is essential for any business to prevent the risk of a pest infestation. However, this can bring any business – particularly restaurants, cafes, and hotels - into disrepute, and it can be hard to recover from, especially if reputations start to suffer.

Pests can include all species, from rats and mice to maggots and fleas. Emptying and cleaning bins regularly will not allow pests a chance to mark their territory.

2.      Manage hygiene

Bins can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, such as E Coli and Salmonella, which can cause stomach bugs and other illnesses. Our commercial bin cleaning services will remove all bacteria and ensure staff and the public are not at risk.

Our team knows and understands the cleaning required to keep your bins sanitary and effective disease control.

3.      Eliminate bad odours

When bins are used regularly, they start to smell. If you are a business, having bad-smelling bins around your clients and staff is unpleasant for them and will never give the right impression. The only way to completely banish smells is through a professional bin cleaning service that uses specialist equipment to remove dirt, staining, and grime to leave your bins clean and fresh smelling.

4.      Efficient

By hiring our bin cleaning services, you will always save time and energy in trying to clean your bins. Our bin cleaning services mean you can focus on running your business.

Our company has all the necessary specialist steam cleaning equipment to clean bins effectively. We will also ensure that the job is done regularly and can remind you, so it does not slip your mind.

5.      Boost reputation

You should never allow your bins to become so dirty that other businesses or the public notice them. Regular cleaning to remove odours, pests, and grime will enhance your company’s reputation. Our bin cleaning services also mean you can comply with your council’s waste regulations.

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