Are you looking for commercial façade cleaning services? Here at Wipeout Ltd, we provide professional exterior cleaning services for all commercial properties, including hotels, office blocks, banks, flats, hospitals and healthcare premises, schools, restaurants, and repurposing of other buildings.

Facades refer to all property exteriors, including entrances, elevations, windows, and other exteriors.

Our façade cleaning removes moss, algae, lichen, grease, traffic pollution, dust, dirt, and other pollutants. We use high-performance DOFF cleaning methods that can gently clean all types of delicate surfaces and facades. We have the knowledge and expertise to safely and effectively clean any external surface.

Our commercial façade cleaning can clean brickwork, stonework, metallic cladding, tiles, wooden panels, glass and steel façade systems, render, and other surfaces. As a result, we will be able to restore your building’s exterior to an ‘almost new’ appearance.

1. Aesthetics

A clean and smart building is much more aesthetically pleasing than a grubby one. This creates a much better first impression and is far more welcoming for prospective customers and clients. It will also positively affect the environment and encourage neighbouring properties to follow suit. It may also positively affect the performance of your employees, who will feel proud of the place they work.

2. Save money

By cleaning your façade, you will save money in the long run because you will have to spend less on repairs and cleaning in the future. A small problem can quickly become a more significant issue. All buildings should be considered long-term investments, and interim cleaning will prevent cracks, displacement, and leaks.

3. Safer

Neglecting your façade can lead to safety hazards. When pollutants penetrate the building, this can lead to structural deterioration. It is also essential to engage a professional exterior cleaning company to complete the work. The team at Wipeout Ltd has 30 years of experience, is CHAS and SafeContractor-approved and is fully insured. We can work at any height.

4. To meet rental agreements

In the case of a rented commercial property, it is important to keep the façade in good condition. It is likely that any rental agreement will require you to keep the exterior of your building in good condition at all times.

5. Enjoy better views

Commercial façade cleaning includes windows, and if your windows are dirty, this will block out natural light. Having better views from the inside can create clearer views of the outside world. This will improve the indoor environment and health of the people working inside the property.

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