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Stained patches or dirt on your patio or driveway?

There are many reasons why you may want a professional patio cleaning service. Perhaps you need to freshen up your outdoor space after the colder months, or maybe you've noticed staining and black spots from lichen, algae, and moss. As outdoor spaces, it's easy for both your driveway and patio to look dirty, become damaged, or be permanently stained by chemicals and substances left on the surface if not properly cleaned and treated.

Restore your outdoor surfaces with Wipeout

If you'd like to restore your patio or clean your driveway in Surrey as effectively as possible, Wipeout is the ideal choice for you. Using specialist equipment, our expert team can come on-site and assess what's needed to remove dirt, staining and other marks safely, quickly, and gently. We always recommend seasonal cleans for your outdoor spaces, leaving everything ready for use in the milder weather of spring and summer.

Using our professional-grade technology and as few chemicals as possible, we can remove caked-on build upon a wide range of surfaces and materials. Our expertise includes:

Resin bond drives
York Stone
Indian Sandstone

Practically any other material your outdoor paving could be made from. We tailor our methods to your specific needs and requirements for beautiful results with no damage to surfaces in the process.

Hot water with soft wash low pressure
Protective coat
and seals

How it works

Many of our customers believe that pressure washing is the best way to clean any surface around the home. But high pressure can cause more harm than good, and certain in-store chemicals can even lead to permanent staining instead of leaving your surfaces brilliantly clean. At Wipeout, we use hot water to facilitate an excellent clean, with soft wash low pressure that leaves surfaces free of dirt, grime and staining without any damage or harm.

With everything included in our van including power and water. We can even provide protective coats and seals to keep your patio and drives clean for longer, as well as restoring kiln-dried sand following the cleaning of block paved drives for the best possible results.

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